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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Is My Belief In God a Fantasy?

There are people that know me and question the validity of my claims of God. I have these conversations with friends and family and there are times I get the "nod." Do you know what the nod is? Some of you may have experienced it. When I get this obligatory nod I can almost feel their thoughts, (as they try and QUICKLY change the subject) saying, here she goes again with this "religion" stuff. After I am brushed off by people I love dearly, I go away feeling haunted. I want those I love to experience the love, joy, peace of Jesus. I don't want to see those I love going through life without the hope of heaven, wondering why life is so hard-only to lead to death. There is meaning, there is truth, there are things we can count on when the world around us seems to be going crazy! I know we are all afraid, we look at the economy, the wars, the culture, and we wonder-What does the future hold?

There is one thing I know! I know Jesus. He says, "I am the way, the truth, the life, no one comes to the father but through me." HE IS THE WAY! I may not be an expert in apologetics, but I have listened to them. I have witnessed debates between atheists and christian professors. I ALWAYS come back more convinced that the claims of Christ are true. Lee Strobel, a former journalist for the Chicago Tribune and atheist , studied to try and disprove christianity. His research lead him to become a follower of Jesus Christ. This is an educated man that took on the facts, believing he was right with everything in him. this and see Lee for yourself.

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