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Friday, September 2, 2011

One LIfe-

The Children always capture my heart!
Kim and I are back In Addis Ababa.  We journeyed to a region of Ethiopia that truly felt like a different country(world).   We were expected back here yesterday but were bumped from our flight due to bribes the airport manager took from passengers, replacing us!  It became a wild journey in Jijiga, leaving there by car and stopping half way back to Addis,  in Harar.  We continued again by car this morning to catch a flight in Dire Dawa, only to end up with a flat tire in the middle of NO WHERE.  Our faithful driver was able to fix it while we sat on the side of a mountain watching children herd goats up the mountain from where we sat.  The scenery was breathtaking, rugged, and I have to admit I enjoyed every minute of our detour due to a crooked airport manager-making us lose our reservation from JIjiga.  We were on time for our flight, regardless of the flat tire,  in Dire Dawa and flew back to Addis.  What a journey it was!  We met wonderful people along the way, and I was again struck by poverty and hardship in this beautiful Country of Ethiopia.  

I know I will have much more to write about the mission and vision of Faith that Works and Africa but for now- I desire to let all that I have seen sink in and ponder what we can do to continue to build up, pray, and provide support for the wonderful work Pat Bradley and ICA is doing here.  For now~ A few photos.

Kim and I try and blend in with the locals

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