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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesdays Travels

Life is hectic. I ask God, what is this all about? Why am I running around, planning, stressing, doing? When is there rest? For me, it has always been in the country. When I was a kid, we had farms, cows, horses..there was always a place to get away to, a place to be bored, reflect, rest. I remember collecting rocks, taking sugar cubes to the barn to feed the horses, laying in the grass and looking up at the clouds with absolutely nothing to do. Where have those days gone/ Why are our kids so busy!! We go from one game to another, grabbing food on the go, stressing over being late, wondering if our team will win. What has happened? I yearn for long drives in the car, with the music loud and the windows down. I look for the sunsets, sweatshirts, woodsmoke, and mud..Yes, I am a mom. Some say I need to grow up, but I want my kids to know what it's like to enjoy God's creation, the simple things in life. I want them to know what it's like to explore in the country, to get dirty, to look for snakes, collect rocks, and watch the sun go down, thinking, well done Lord- what a great day.

As My Daughter Hannah and I took this drive, i wanted to make a memory for her..something she would look back on and think to herself, life is good, God is good. The simple things in life sometimes get swallowed up by Facebook, movies, culture, makes me sad. My goal this summer is to show my kids the simple pleasures of life, backyard barbecues, swimming in the moonlight, watching Anne of Greene Gables, and yes, LOng drives in the country. I want to celebrate the small things, the blessings right in front of me. These pictures make me smile...I pray they inspire you to go exploring too!

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Katie Stipanovich said...

that is SUCH a cute picture of hannah! Its funny to see as the kids grow up how they are going to look as adults....adorable!